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Air Conditioner Repair in Ridgefield, Washington

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We Offer a Range of AC Repair Services

Every summer in Ridgefield feels hotter than the last. Make sure you can rely on your air conditioner as the weather heats up this spring and summer with Aire Serv of Vancouver. We offer comprehensive cooling services, including the installation, repair, and maintenance of air conditioners. We’re here to ensure you stay cool and comfortable on even the hottest day, so whether your air conditioner just needs a tune-up or completely gives out, give us a call for expert repairs whenever you need us.

Our licensed professionals know your cooling needs are unique and make sure to address all your concerns during an appointment. At Aire Serv of Vancouver, we prioritize your comfort and satisfaction so you can sit back and relax knowing we’re on the job. Our repair services include a thorough inspection of your cooling system to guarantee the fix, as well as cleaning the repair area so your home is as clean as we found it. Also, because we charge by the job and not by the hour, you don’t have to worry about climbing costs as we work to repair your system. As a locally owned and operated business, we’re committed to meeting all of Ridgefield’s AC repair needs with fast, professional service you can trust.


Aire Serv Air Conditioner Replacement

Common Reasons for AC Repairs

Our team of experts has seen it all over the years and brings that expertise to every appointment. We’re ready to diagnose and repair all types of air conditioner problems within the Ridgefield area. Some common problems we see include:

  • Unresponsive units
  • Odd noises or excessive vibration
  • Water or refrigerant leaks
  • Poor airflow
  • Blowing warm air instead of cool
  • Increasing humidity
  • Rising energy bills

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The “Why” Behind Common AC Problems

As HVAC experts, Aire Serv of Vancouver’s team aims to find the root cause behind each issue your air conditioner faces before moving on to the repair. By understanding the true scope of the problem, we’re better able to address your repair needs. Some of the frequent problems we see and repairs we make include:

No Power
With no power, your AC can’t run. Improper wiring, overheating, corrosion, damage, and other factors contribute to power issues that impact your comfort. Our team checks all aspects of your air conditioner’s power supply to safely repair the issue and prevent it from happening in the future.

Clogged Lines & Drains
Your air conditioner helps manage the moisture in your air while providing a flow of cool air. That moisture can cause buildups of algae, mold, and other debris that block condensation lines and drains and lead to a decrease in your indoor air quality with humidity spikes. Prolonged exposure to this high humidity can also damage your air ducts. We have the tools to quickly clear any clogs and use an algaecide to prevent future blockages.

Worn Out Fan Belts
Fans in your AC push the freshly cooled air into your home and rely on a fan belt for movement. However, these belts wear out over time and eventually break, causing an increase in noise like squealing or rattling. A prompt repair of your fan belt is important to prioritize — our experts will get it replaced before it can cause more damage to your unit.

Air conditioners can develop leaks from their refrigerant or condensation lines, resulting in pools of liquid around your unit or a hissing sound. In particular, hissing leaks point to escaping refrigerant and should be treated as an emergency call to us at Aire Serv of Vancouver. More broadly, leaks of any kind decrease your air conditioner’s cooling abilities and should be addressed promptly. We’ll identify the source of the leak and repair or replace the tubing.

Ductwork Issues
If your HVAC system uses ductwork to disperse cooled air throughout your home, the core issue may lie outside your air conditioning unit. Decreased airflow or rising energy bills from an AC that’s always on could indicate damaged or clogged ductwork. We offer complete air duct repair and cleaning services to keep your air flowing properly.

These are just some of the reasons you might be experiencing problems with your air conditioner, but there are endless possibilities for the true cause. Damage, wear and tear, frozen or dirty evaporator coils, thermostat issues, and other reasons all impact your AC’s ability to function. If you experience any of these problems, don’t hesitate to request an AC repair appointment with the experts at Aire Serv of Vancouver. We’re also available 24/7 for emergency repairs whenever you need them.