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Frequently Asked Questions

Your air conditioning and heating system can be one of the most expensive purchases you make in your home. There are many factors to consider when determining whether or not you should repair an old unit or replace it. The age of the unit and overall investment costs are two of the biggest. Consider the initial purchase price, long term operating costs, and your current utility costs.

Utilizing the latest technology, we can calculate the correct size and efficiency for your home. If you would like to upgrade your system due to safety or reliability concerns, we can help you choose from a wide variety of top-quality heating products with extended warranties giving up to 10 years of coverage.

Furnaces/Heaters operate by forcing air across the heating source. They may be installed in a closet, crawl space, attic or basement. Furnaces can be divided into several categories, depending on the type of heat source used.

This type of furnace can be used in the absence of natural gas lines. Typically the oil is stored in an above-ground or below-ground tank, or sometimes even a tank located in a basement or cellar.

Boilers heat water or steam in a closed vessel and then release it into the home. They are known for their quietness and comfort, though installing a boiler may be expensive depending on the layout of the house.

A programmable thermostat is not only great at saving energy by adjusting the temperature when the space is not being used, it can also help make you more comfortable while you are at home.

Zoning systems are the perfect way to eliminate hot rooms and provide an even temperature throughout your home. Zoning systems allow a single air conditioning unit to have separate temperature zones in each room of your home.

As homes become more energy-efficient, they are also becoming more susceptible to indoor air pollutants. This is due to the limited exchange of indoor air and fresh outdoor air. Failure to eliminate indoor air pollutants can cause flu-like symptoms such as headaches, nausea and respiratory irritation, as well as aggravation of asthma and allergy conditions.

Humidity levels above fifty percent is an invitation for dust mites to live and breed, mold and mildew to spread, which in turn can lead to aggravated asthma and allergy symptoms. A dehumidifier removes excess moisture to help keep humidity at the optimum level.

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