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Heat Pump Service

Call Aire Serv® to Ensure Your Heat Pump Is Well-Maintained And Ready to Work all Season!

Save money and stay comfy in Vancouver!

A well-maintained heat pump system will save you money in the long run, while giving your Vancouver home optimal comfort. Keep your energy bills down with a proactive approach to heat pump maintenance. You’ll be able to feel a substantial temperature difference. Our professionals are experts in heat pump services. Give us a call today!


Extend the Life of Your Heat Pump System!

Our experts recommend regular maintenance tune-ups to keep your heat pump working efficiently. With regular maintenance, you can expect your heat pump to keep you comfortable for years to come.  We recommend having your heat pump system serviced at least once a year.

Heat pumps are used throughout the year as both a heating and cooling solution, meaning regular maintenance is essential for maintaining proper functioning. We are heat pump experts and are here to help! Give us a call at 360-524-3952  to schedule your heat pump maintenance.

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Expert Heat Pump Maintenance Services

Depending on the type of heat pump system you have (such as an air-source heat pump or geothermal heat pump) our maintenance services include:

  • Inspecting the ducts, filters, and indoor coil for debris and obstructions
  • Resolving and sealing duct leakage
  • Checking airflow levels
  • Checking and adjust electrical connections
  • Ensuring proper control settings are set; such as preventing heating during cooling and vice versa
  • Checking and ensure thermostat control is operating

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Key Differences Between a Heat Pump System vs. Air Conditioners

Heat pumps are set apart from traditional air conditioners as they are used year-round for both cooling and heating in Vancouver. Heat pumps work best in moderate climate environments by moving heat around a space with refrigerant. Ambient heat is collected from the air, water, or ground outside your home, and is then concentrated and circulated throughout your indoor space during the cooler months. This process is reversed during the warmer months. Because heat is not generated directly, your energy usage is substantially cut. If you think a heat pump is right for your home, give us a call! We would be able to install one at your home in Ridgefield, Vancouver, Salmon Creek, Camas, or the surrounding areas.