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HVAC Contractor Services for Vancouver, Washington

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HVAC contractor services cover a wide range of services. Aire Serv Heating & Air Conditioning Vancouver can help with your HVAC contractor needs.

From HVAC repairs, HVAC installations, or HVAC replacement systems, Aire Serv Heating & Air Conditioning Vancouver is ready to serve. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which means we work to be available for emergency HVAC needs.

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HVAC Emergencies

No one ever prepares for an emergency, but on those real hot days Vancouver gets from time to time, if our HVAC unit fails us we need service as quickly as possible. And we know our winters here in the Vancouver area can get pretty cold as well. Our team recognizes this need and is prepared, even nights and weekends. If we do book up, we will get you scheduled as soon as possible.

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What is HVAC?

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. The ventilation is important as it may be the reason your system isn’t working. There are many components to your HVAC system, from the parts of the system which produces heat or cool air, to the part which moves the air into the building and then recycles it back to the HVAC system. This process is commonly known as the return.

Homes, as well as commercial buildings, have both air which comes into the room and air which leaves the room. The proper amount of air needs to come out of the room is based on the amount of air going into the room. This is more critical for commercial buildings, but the same principle is true for both.

Your Aire Serv team is fully trained on all parts of the HVAC system. There are different systems, different manufacturers, and different needs of individuals. HVAC contractors, like Aire Serv Heating & Air Conditioning Vancouver, can make recommendations based on your needs. Systems come in different sizes, and the correct sizing is based on many factors – the size of the building you are heating and cooling, the exposure of the building to sun/daylight, and the position of the windows and trees keeping it shady, all factor into the correct sizing.

The next thing to think about is energy efficiency. The higher the efficiency, the higher the cost upfront. The long term benefits are lower monthly energy costs, and there are typically rebates at the state and national level at different times of the year. Feel free to ask us about these!

One more factor is the air quality. Indoor air quality is so important today, and even more so as consumers are becoming more aware of the benefits of better indoor air. Less allergy issues, less headache issues, and less breathing issues all have been noticed from having better indoor air quality in a home or business. There are many options and our service technicians can review these with you when we come out for service or to quote a new or replacement HVAC system.

About Vancouver, Washington

Vancouver, Washington a big city on its own and is part of the Portland Metro area. The city of Vancouver is separated by the Columbia River. Vancouver is a vibrant town, with smaller cities nearby including Camas, Washougal, Brush Prairie, and Ridgefield. There are many suburbs in Vancouver including Salmon Creek, Hazel Dell, Downtown, the Waterfront, East Vancouver, and Uptown Village. Each of these suburbs has their own distinctive flair about it and is a vibrant part of the overall Vancouver community. Like many areas in the Pacific Northwest, Vancouver is known for its many parks and walking/hiking areas. Vancouver is also an option for people who really like the Portland metro area yet want the benefits of lower housing costs, typically lower property taxes, historically better schools overall, and less crime.

Elevation: 171’
Area: 52.45 mi2
Top Things to Do in Vancouver, Washington:
Vancouver Waterfront
Vancouver Farmers Market
Fort Vancouver National Historic Site – Visitor Center

Vancouver Waterfront

Vancouver Farmers Market

Fort Vancouver National Historic Site

For those who like the outdoor recreational lifestyle, it is wonderful. It is relatively a big city with population of approximately 200,000, with the feel of a small town. There is plenty of shopping and the schools are very good overall. People who live there call it “The Couve.” Just like it’s sister city to the south, it is also a big coffee town, with many local coffee shops worth visiting.

It’s a bedroom community of the Portland, Oregon metro area, just separated by the Columbia River, and is a gateway into the State of Washington to the extreme south. Many people in the Portland metro area live in Vancouver for lower property taxes and lower cost of living than Portland, and is a very affordable big city on the West Coast with many outdoor activities for all to enjoy.

George Vancouver – he was a sea Captain for the Royal Navy, and his expedition from 1791-1795 took him to what is known as the Pacific Northwest, including Canada. Vancouver, British Columbia as well as Vancouver, Washington are both named after the same man.