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Ductless Split AC Systems

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Ductless Split AC Systems vs Central Air Units

What’s the difference between Ductless Split/ Ductless Mini Split AC Systems and Central Air Units? This is a common question! Both types of unit have an outside condensing units and copper tubing that runs inside. In a traditional Central AC system, cool air is delivered throughout the house by built in ductwork. In a Ductless Split AC or Ductless Mini Split AC unit, the cool air is not delivered through a wall or ceiling mounted blower unit. Multiple indoor blower units can be run separately in different rooms connected to a single outdoor condenser. If you home doesn’t already have built in ducts, the renovations to add them can be cost-prohibitive.

Aire Serv Ductless Split AC Systems

Ductless Split AC Systems have three advantages over other systems.

With several indoor blower units, you can create a zoned cooling system. Each indoor unit can operate independently, cooling rooms based on their usage and individual temperature needs. Seldom-visited rooms don’t have to be cooled until they’re needed. If a room requires extra cooling at a specific time of day, like a south facing living room on a summer afternoon, the blower unit in that room can cool it down independently from the rest of the home. When all rooms are occupied, setting the thermostat to the same temperature on all the units eliminates changes in temperature between rooms.

Quiet Comfort
When normal central air comes on, there’s usually an announcement by way of rattling ducts. Since ductless split AC units don’t have ducts by definition, the only sound is the gentle delivery of cool air through the blowers. In addition, the outside unit is usually smaller, and can be situated up to 50 feet away, reducing the compressor noise commonly associated with central air conditioning units.

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) ratings have increased in recent years. Ductless split AC units have benefited greatly from this. All new air conditioning units have a minimum rating of 13 SEER. Since they don’t lose cool air to your home’s ductwork, split units are usually even more efficient, many with ratings in the mid-20s or higher. The higher the rating, the less electricity the equipment requires to produce the same amount of cooling. Air traveling through a home’s network of ducts can lose as much as 40% of its cooling before reaching its destination. Ductless split AC units produce cool air directly from the inside blower or air handler, avoiding this inefficiency.

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Ductless Split/Mini Split AC Systems and Heating.

Combining a Ductless Split or Mini Split system with a heat pump can create a quiet, energy efficient heating and cooling solution for your home. In the temperate climate around Vancouver, this can be an ideal solution for smaller homes. Call us today to receive a free quote from our expert Home Comfort Designers. We are available to service homes in Salmon Creek, Ridgefield, Camas, Mill Plain, and the surrounding areas.