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Furnace and Heater Replacement

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We Replace and Install All Types of Furnaces and Heaters

Sometimes a furnace or heat pump gets broken beyond repair. When that happens, our expert technicians in Vancouver will guide you through selecting the perfect system for you and install it when you’re ready. We are here to make sure your home has maximum comfort. 

Looking to upgrade your heating system due to concerns about efficiency, reliability, or safety? Aire Serv can help with that too. Our home comfort designers will measure and calculate the perfect size and efficiency for your home in Vancouver. We offer wide variety or top-quality heating products come with an extended warranty of up to 10 years of coverage. 

Price estimates on new systems are always free. Call Aire Serv today to schedule yours!

Aire Serv Furnace Replacement Options

Keep your Heating System working properly to keep energy costs low!

If you aren’t looking to replace your heating system, here are some steps you can take to keep it running efficiently all season:

Check Vents
Blocked vents can stop your system from working properly, so be sure to check them often and clean your air filter when needed.

Make Sure Thermostat is Working Properly
A broken thermostat can lead to a malfunctioning system.

Check for Gas Leaks
If you have noticed a worn connection or smell gas, call for a technician immediately for repair. Turn your furnace off if there is a leak.

Clean Air Filter Every Two Months
We recommend changing your air filter about every other month (or more, depending on your system), but the beginning of the season is a great time to change it out!

Schedule A Yearly Tune-Up
Getting a yearly furnace tune-up is made easy with Aire Serv! We are available to service any system in Ridgefield, Camas, Mill Plain, Salmon Creek, or the surrounding Vancouver areas.

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Our Total Comfort Tune-Up Includes:

  • An inspection of all your furnace’s components.
  • A professional system cleaning.
  • Any needed control adjustments.
  • A safety check to ensure your system operates reliably throughout the season.