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Air Conditioning Repair in Mill Plain

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Providing AC Repair Services to Mill Plain and Beyond

As the number of days of warm weather in Mill Plain increases, it becomes more and more essential to keep your air conditioner in working condition. Aire Serv of Vancouver is your go-to for AC repairs when your unit fails to provide a refreshing break from the heat. Our team of licensed experts tackle your air conditioner problems and restore your home to a comfortable oasis. Even if a breakdown happens at an inconvenient time, we are here to help you out, day or night.

Every home in Mill Plain is unique, and every repair we make is specially designed to find and solve your distinct AC need. We will inspect the entire air conditioner system and ensure that we leave your home as clean as we found it. Plus, with out “pay by the job” upfront pricing model and no overtime fees, you won’t be left with a surprise bill after we’re done, even in the event of an emergency. Our team is local to the Mill Plains and surrounding area and take pride in providing our neighbor with quality and friendly AC repair services.


Aire Serv Air Conditioner Replacement

Common Air Conditioner Problems

Aire Serv of Vancouver brings years of air conditioning repair service to each appointment, allowing us to identify issues with your system quickly and accurately. If you are running into problems with your Mill Plain home’s air conditioner, just call our experts for a solution. Some of the common signs of an air conditioner issue include:

  • Your unit will not turn on
  • The air circulating is warm instead of cool
  • You notice unusual noises or heavy vibration
  • Air inside your home is overly humid
  • There is pooling liquid around the system
  • Your cooling bills are rising

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The Culprits Behind Air Conditioner Breakages

Once an air conditioner issue is identified, Aire Serv of Vancouver’s team of service professionals will set to work repairing the system. Our experts have seen a variety of air conditioner parts be responsible for the lack of cooling, however the common issues include:

No Power – Caused by anything from an overheated unit to improper wiring, a lack of power can become frustrating quickly. The experts at Aire Serv of Vancouver can find the source of and repair power issues, including safely repairing any electrical components.

Condensate Drain Clogs – Due to the humidity inside a condensate line, it becomes a welcoming home for algae and mold growth, which can lead to blockages. A blocked condensate drain can cause poor indoor air quality, high humidity, and even damage ductwork. Our professionals will clean your line and work to prevent further clogs.

Broken Fan Belts – Over time, wearing on fan belts can cause them to snap. Usually identifiable by a squealing noise, you should have your fan belt replaced as soon as possible before it causes further damage.

Refrigerant Leaks – If you notice a hissing sound or pool of liquid, your unit may have a refrigerant leak. A leak will decrease how efficiently your system runs and may lead to other issues. The Aire Serv of Vancouver team can replace tubing to stop leaks and prevent further damage to your unit.

Ductwork Problems – Occasionally, the source of air conditioner problems lies outside the main unit. In particular, broken or clogged ductwork may lead to air conditioner inefficiencies or greater wear-and-tear, decreasing the quality of your home’s air or causing additional AC breakages.

Although the above air conditioner problems are frequent sources of a lack of cool air, the conditions that cause a problem with your air conditioning system can span from thermostat issues to frozen evaporator coils, and much more. If you need an air conditioner repair for your home in Mill Plain, request an appointment online. Can’t wait for an appointment? Call us any time for emergency AC repair.