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Heat Pump Installation in Ridgefield, Washington

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Keeping your Ridgefield home or business the right temperature is essential to day-to-day comfort. Due to the milder average temperatures in the Ridgefield area, a heat pump can be an extremely useful solution to controlling temperature, saving you money and energy. Heat pumps are growing in popularity across Washington, in part due to the state’s efforts to lower emissions. Aire Serv of Vancouver installs these eco-friendly heating and cooling systems for your property, guaranteeing proper function and long-term performance.

Choosing Aire Serv of Vancouver for HVAC services means expert service designed for you. We know one solution won’t work for every property, so we make sure to explain your options, the upfront cost, and your potential savings. Reach out to our experts today for heat pump installation and other HVAC services for your home or business.


What is a Heat Pump System?

Heat pumps have the ability to run year-round, seamlessly switching between heating and cooling. Contrary to traditional central air conditioning, furnaces, or heating systems, heat pumps don’t generate any heat on their own. They function by moving existing heat from one place to another. During hot days, heat pumps pull heat from inside your building and disperse it outside. When the weather turns cold, your heat pump extracts heat from the outdoor air, ground, or a nearby body of water and use that to warm your home or office.

Heat Pump Installation - Out door heat pump next to wall

What Types of Heat Pump Systems Are There?

Aire Serv of Vancouver works with two primary types of heat pumps, each with their own benefits.

Air-Source Heat Pumps use the heat in the air inside or outside your home or office to heat or cool your space. These heat pumps have an air exchange that uses refrigerant as a means of moving heat. Although they can be expensive up-front, air-source heat pumps are a straightforward installation process and can save money on utility bills in the long run.

Geothermal Heat Pumps also use heat existing heat, including the natural heat stored in the ground or in lakes and ponds on your property. Their eco-friendly operation and reduction of energy bills make these a popular choice, despite the complexity and cost of an installation. Geothermal heat pumps can last for many, many years, especially if you schedule regular heat pump maintenance.

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A heat pump is an optimal choice for your Ridgefield property, due to the Southern Washington’s mild climate. If you are considering installing a heat pump for your home or business, it’s best to consider the constraints of the installation process. If you already have air ducts or a ductless AC system in your building, air-source heat pumps can install easily. Otherwise, installation of these systems may increase the time and cost of a heat pump installation. For geothermal heating and cooling, you’ll need the right property size and usage rights. Despite installation considerations, if you choose a heat pump installation, you’ll enjoy energy-efficiency, less need for repairs, and much more, year-round.

Aire Serv of Vancouver is here for all your heat pump needs, from installing a brand-new heat pump or replacing your existing unit. Once you have a running heat pump, we’ll be there for maintenance and repair services to keep your home comfort a breeze! Call our experts today to learn more about heat pump installation, have your questions answered, and to schedule your installation appointment. We can’t wait to help transform your Ridgefield home!